Andrew Conn Music



Andrew Conn - Audio Engineer, Producer, Composer

Andrew Conn is an audio engineer, producer, and composer from Sacramento, CA. With fifteen years of performance experience on the electric bass, ten years of music production and recording knowledge utilizing DAWs and a variety of recording studio setups, collegiate training in music composition and production, and six years worth of practical field experience; Andrew has become extremely skilled in music creation and live sound production.

He would love the opportunity to provide you with expertise for your bands next album, the film on which you are currently working, the company for which you need audio branding, or your next live event. 

"I am continuously striving to pursue the knowledge necessary to make my passions my livelihood. This includes checking my ego at the door in professional situations in order to learn from my clients and colleagues. Thus far in my career I have achieved a certain level of success through listening, learning, and implementing new and different workflows into my own. To create and produce music of the highest production value is what I strive to do day in and day out. Because of this overwhelming desire I have, to continue to provide for myself from an income based solely off of music; I refuse to take any opportunity that has come my way lightly. I work with enthusiasm, gratitude, and loyalty for the people and companies that enable me to survive and thrive off of what I am most passionate: the combination of tones and sounds."

-Andrew Conn