Andrew Conn Music


Andrew Conn Music Mobile

Location and Live Performance Recording

Andrew Conn Music Mobile is a fully functional location recording rig perfect for capturing your bands next big show, rehearsal, or to capture your favorite sounding room no matter where it may be!


Andrew Conn Music now offers a 32 input mobile recording setup. This mobile rig consists of a Midas M32, DAW option of Logic X or Pro Tools, 32 inputs worth of Midas Pro series pre amps, 48kHz 24 bit WAV or AIFF file format, and a 32 in to 64 parallel out audio splitter.


The mobile recording setup can be patched into any existing venues system either to record your show or to run your Front of House mix as well as record your live show. It can also be set up as a stand alone system to record a performance in your favorite room!


Pricing dependent on project location and needs. 

Please feel free to contact Andrew directly for a free quote.