Andrew Conn Music


Music Composition and Production

Custom music for whatever your needs may be.

Do you need custom music for your current project? 
Andrew Conn has over ten years worth of compositional experience in a very broad variety of genres. Whether you are looking for a classic rock inspired ballad or an epic orchestral journey; Andrew will work with and for you to ensure that your project receives the right music. Through great communication, and and all around high quality work ethic he delivers his clients exactly what they desire for film, advertising, and artistic purposes. 

With over a decades worth of experience in using Pro Tools and Logic in a variety of recording environments from bare bone home setups to full on recording studio facilities; Andrew has acquired many production tricks along the way. Whether you just need to add string or horn parts to a track or two, or you need complete arrangements for your next album, Andrew can be of assistance. 


Composition and Production costs are determined by individual project needs. 

Please feel free to contact Andrew directly in regards to your music needs.